Bowen Therapy – make it your New Year Resolution

new years resolution bowen therapy

So it’s that time of year again when we all start thinking of ways of improving our lives and especially our health.

Many of us decide that this is the time of the year to start taking more exercise, cut down on alcohol and give up smoking. All of which are great steps towards a healthier lifestyle, but how many of us consider trying to find a solution for existing health or injury worries?

Why not make having regular Bowen therapy your New Year resolution? Have you been putting up with that niggling knee pain or weekly migraines for as long as you can remember? Fed up not being able to eat certain foods for fear of your IBS? Or do you just want 2015 to be the year that you became free of aches and pains? If so, why not try Bowen therapy?

Many clients have already tried several other forms of different therapies by the time they arrive in the clinic and are often resigned to the fact that they “just have to live with it”. Indeed before I discovered Bowen, I had tried over 15 different therapists in the quest to reduce my daily pain. Bowen is the only bodywork that has ever got me pain free and more importantly kept me pain free.

Below are just two examples of clients who had tried several other therapists and therapies before coming to Norfolk Bowen Therapy and discovering the Bowen Technique:

Frozen Shoulder

At the age of 39 M had been told by his Doctor that his frozen shoulder was down to old age! The initial consultation showed M was suffering from restriction in the range of movement of his left shoulder, unable to raise his arm above shoulder height. After three weekly treatments, full range of pain free movement had been restored and M could happily raise his arm up to his ear.

After years of pain and discomfort with my shoulder, with many unsuccessful visits to my GP, chiropractors and deep tissues massages, all to no avail, I sceptically tried Bowen and after only the first sessions pain dramatically reduced, leading to more movement and after the course of three treatments Bowen has fixed me!! Three session of Bowen has done what eight years of seeing these different people has failed to do. No pain and full range of movement has returned. I am extremely impressed and highly recommend Jules to anyone. M Service

Rheumatoid Arthritis

R was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2005 which as well as the physical pain, she suffered with fatigue and complete energy ‘crashes’. After only one treatment she was walking straighter and feeling more balanced with a large reduction in pain levels. Following another two treatments R reported she was free of pain and was no longer suffering from the fatigue or energy crashes.

“I have had rheumatoid arthritis since 2005, during that time I have tried various massage therapists, chiropractors and another Bowen therapist, each has given me short term relief. I was first treated by Jules as one of her early case studies in November 2012. One of the areas she treated was my left foot. The rheumatoid first started here and I haven’t been able to walk properly on the ball of that foot since 2005. After one treatment I was able to stand on the ball of my foot without pain, and this is still the case 7 months later. Because of Jules I can now walk properly and not on the edge of my feet.  I’ve been on maximum dosage of anti-inflammatories since 2005 and every time I’ve tried to reduce the dosage I’ve ended up in agony. But for the last 3 months I haven’t had to take any.

Jules treated me after I’d twisted my back by over-doing it; painkillers weren’t taking the pain away. I hobbled in to see her and walked out normally.

Will always recommend her to anyone.  R Hume

To read more case studies of how Bowen has helped others, in their own words, please visit the case study Testimonials and Case Studies page of my website.

So if your New Year’s resolution is to do something about your aches and pains, why not contact me me on 07709 452412 or email me and see if with the help of Bowen therapy, this year can be the year of achieving your goals?

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