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hormonal release therapy

What often surprises a lot of clients is that Bowen therapy doesn’t just address musculoskeletal issues. A growing percentage of my work is addressing symptoms of a hormonal and organic origin.

Having already covered a lot of theory in my basic training, last year I travelled to Yorkshire to attend a course titled “Hormone Release – The Bowen Way”.

This course is designed to encourage the re-balancing of the reproductive system, using Bowen Therapy, as developed by Trevor Rose.

Trevor Rose was a physio masseur and had been practicing the Bowen Technique since 1992, when in 1999 his wife, Athalie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The drug tamoxifen was part of her treatment and her body totally rejected it, giving the effect of an overdose. Together with a friend who was a gynaecologist and her cancer surgeon, Trevor developed a series of procedures aimed at stimulating hormones. This proved successful for Athalie and led him to develop other procedures and moves for varying hormonal conditions.

Below a just a few testimonials from clients that this work has helped……

“Having suffered from migraines for many years and which were steadily getting more frequent, at one point having 16 in one month, I was prescribed a daily preventive medication. Although these helped to a degree the migraines were still appearing. Some were definitely linked to my monthly cycle, giving me throbbing head pain, dizziness and poor concentration, and although I also have medication to treat my migraines, they leave me wiped out for the rest of the day.

My husband saw a friend recommending Bowen Therapy on Facebook and booked me an appointment to see if it could help me. Since starting Bowen 3 months ago my migraines have changed, I’ve had just a handful and most of those have been less severe, and on my last monthly cycle I didn’t have 1 migraine. But what I’ve also noticed is that I generally feel clearer headed and brighter day to day, which is so refreshing.

The aim is to stop my daily preventive medication and the progress is looking really positive.”  KW

“I had been told that I had polycystic ovaries following some investigations and scans following some abdominal discomfort. I was suffering from painful periods after coming off my pill and as well as this, was getting pain in between cycles too. To help my period pains I was using heat pads, pain killers and hot baths but none of these relieved my symptoms and each month seemed to get worse. The doctor referred me for an ultrasound scan which revealed I had cysts on my ovaries. As well as the concern that this may cause issues with my fertility, the discomfort it caused me day to day was affecting my mood and general wellbeing.  

I had heard about Bowen therapy through a friend and after reading up on it, was surprised to learn that it could help with hormonal issues. I decided to give it a go and see what happened – I figured any option that avoided taking medication to relieve the symptoms was worth a go!

I met Jules and she explained how Bowen could help and how it “reminds the body how it should behave”.   

The Bowen therapy itself was possibly one of the most relaxing experiences I have had. So much so, I fell asleep (something that became a regular occurrence during sessions). After a just few sessions, I already felt the difference with regards to my period pains. They were virtually non existent and I wasn’t having to take any pain relief or use heat pads. The discomfort in between cycles also began to improve and I gradually reduced the frequency of Bowen sessions so that I was visiting Jules just once every other month. 

As well as painful periods, my cycles were also terribly irregular. They could be as frequent as 25 days or as long as 37 days. Following some Bowen sessions, as well as the pain improving to virtual non existent; after just 3 months my body was back to a regular cycle and stayed that way – more or less to the day.” 

I became pregnant in Feb 2017 (something I honestly think Bowen had a hand in). When I went for my 12 week scan I was surprised to learn that I no longer had any cysts on my ovaries so I really feel that Bowen did exactly what Jules had said on that first session: it had reminded my body how it should behave. 

I can’t recommend Bowen therapy enough. Such a relaxing, pain free therapy that has certainly worked for me!” EN

“At the age of 54, I was so fed up waiting for the menopause to arrive in the hope that there would be relief from the symptoms I was suffering, I thought I’d asked Jules at Norfolk Bowen Therapy for some help with hormone treatment.  Visiting Jules on a regular basis anyway for back and neck pain relief, I had nothing to lose.  I have a Mirena coil fitted to help with heavy periods caused by fibroids but I was still suffering from irregular periods, often bleeding every 2 to 3 weeks and sometimes for about a week at a time, and extremely tender breasts for about 2 weeks of every month!  I was trying to rectify the breast pain by taking 2000mg of evening primrose oil a day but this had become ineffective over recent years.  I was also often feeling tired, even more so before my period was due.  Following Bowen treatment, I can confidently say that I no longer suffer from any of these symptoms and my periods have virtually disappeared!”    DW

“I am a 70 year old woman who has suffered from migraines since I was 9 years old.  For 40 years they were manageable as they were hormone related and came monthly and lasted 2 or 3 days. I did all the usual things like avoiding cheese and chocolate, also I found that the tanning in tea and red wine also affected me so I stopped them as part of my diet.

When I reached 50 instead of decreasing in frequency I found they slowly increased until I was suffering at least 1 a week and they were not only upsetting my life but that of my family.

My daughter had been recommending Jules and Bowen Treatments to friends and family for lots of different things and recommended that I give it a go after all what did I have to lose (as it turned out nothing) I have not had a migraine for 14 weeks and life could not be better.”  DB

So if you would like to discover if Bowen Therapy can help you call me on 07709 452412 or contact me here!

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