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Bowen Therapy for those suffering from arthritis

"Arthritis in the left knee was diagnosed and confirmed by X Ray several years ago. I had physio sessions at the Surgery in two blocks and then was told to just continue with the exercises, which I do, along with Pilates. However having been active for most of my life I did not like the restrictions the …arthritis imposed. When it reached the stage I could no longer deny I was limping and also found I was going down the stairs one step at a time, I looked for further help.

My daughter had heard positive feedback of treatment given by a Bowen Therapist. We knew little about it but I was keen to try and so I went to Jules. Jules inspires confidence and trust; it is clear she is professional and well informed and she also pushes the boundaries to increase her skill and knowledge. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly approach and sense of humour are there too along with thoroughness which means she checks more than just the knee. Initially I had weekly treatment and am now on what I describe as my maintenance programme once every five weeks.

I can run up and downstairs and participate in activities (“football”, obstacle courses, French tennis….) which my young gymnast granddaughter loves doing and so do I. Not being a spectator is important to me: Jules and Bowen Therapy have helped take the ‘I can’t do that now’ from my life. I do not know how it works “like magic ” I have said on occasions but it certainly has for me."

L Murphy - Arthritis

Arthritis in knees hips & back

"When I first booked a Bowen Therapy appointment with Jules I was a little sceptical but can confidently say that I am so glad to have been introduced to it. I have had arthritis in my knees, hips and back for a number of years. I have tried conventional treatments eg. Medication, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy but have still been in lots of discomfort, particularly at night when my sleep was continuously disturbed.

Even driving the car was uncomfortable and my husband and I had stopped having the long walks we used to enjoy. Jules is very professional and calming in her approach and the treatment is very gentle, non intrusive and relaxing. I had a course of 3 treatments fairly close together then one further treatment after a break of a few weeks. There was a massive improvement in my symptoms. I am now sleeping much better and have commenced long walks again. I am totally converted to Bowen therapy and would highly recommend Jules as a Bowen therapist."

A Upton - Arthritis in knees, hips & back

Foot Pain Relief

I have had rheumatoid arthritis since 2005, during that time I have tried various massage therapists, chiropractors and another Bowen therapist, each has given me short term relief. I was first treated by Jules as one of her early case studies in November 2012. One of the areas she treated was my left foot. The rheumatoid first started here and I haven’t been able to walk properly on the ball of that foot since 2005. After one treatment I was able to stand on the ball of my foot without pain, and this is still the case 7 months later.

Because of Jules I can now walk properly and not on the edge of my feet.  I’ve been on maximum dosage of anti-inflammatories since 2005 and every time I’ve tried to reduce the dosage I’ve ended up in agony. But for the last 3 months I haven’t had to take any.Jules treated me after I’d twisted my back by over-doing it; painkillers weren’t taking the pain away. I hobbled in to see her and walked out normally.

R Hume - Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pelvic pain relief

“I had 4 sessions of Bowen therapy following a long period of ill health due to acute pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic kidney infections and reactive arthritis. After the first session Jules asked me how I felt and my answer was ‘ridiculously good’!

My joints used to be hot to touch, red and swollen due to the arthritis and since Bowen these symptoms have gone and I have no more pain in them at all! It’s also helped control my pelvic pain, increased my energy levels and I haven’t had a kidney infection since my second session which was about a month ago! As an occupational therapy student I wanted to understand what Jules was doing and why it was working-she explained it all to me brilliantly and I cannot recommend her enough. It’s life changing”. 

Rosie - Arthritis