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Bowen Therapy for children and babies

Colic Relief

Baby W, a 3 week old baby, had been suffering with in his Mother’s words “the most dreadful colic” virtually since birth resulting in her being up with him literally all night. After just one treatment improvement was seen and after 4 days I received this message from Baby W’s relieved Mother…

“Well what a dramatic change! Wilf is like a different baby! Since the treatment he had had less and less colic and last night he didn’t seem to suffer at all! Amazing! Thank you so much Jules, you really are a life saver! I feel like a different person too! Brilliant results!”

Baby W –

Angry Girl

Child A, a 10 year old girl, was suffering from anger issues, which the child herself described as “uncontrollable anger in her head”. Her family had taken steps to support her during these outbursts which included a journal to write down her thoughts and also a ‘punch cushion’. After the first treatment there was a reduction in the anger seen by both mother and felt by the child. Following a further two treatments the child was no longer feeling the unexplained anger.

She was also concentrating better at school (noticed by her teachers), and was waking in the morning feeling happy and energised. “The change in my daughter after one treatment was quite noticeable, she was a lot calmer, I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough for both children and adults. It has made a great difference to my daughter which equals a happy mum!”

Child A – Anger Issues

child car sickness therapy

“My nearly 3 year old daughter suffered from severe car sickness making every journey tense for us all. After two visits to see Jules, this is a thing of the past! Jules was great with her and she enjoyed her treatments. We are over the moon with the result and wish we had discovered Bowen sooner.”

Child B – Car Sickness