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Feedback for Integral Eye Movement Technique (IEMT)

Anxiety relief

“I’ve tried many approaches before, EFT, Counselling, NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy, all of these have failed where IEMT has quickly, simply and effectively made changes in me, changes on a deep level. I’m steadier, more landed, calmer. Overall less anxious. General feeling of acceptance of everyday challenges as well as the tougher difficulties, which would have thrown me before IEMT. No longer needing to collapse and retreat when life gets tricky. Generally, feel the cup is no longer about to spill over, there is more space to be the best version of me when dealing with any stress. I’m able to come from a better place, more reasoned, more balanced. I have more energy, the ability to listen and relate. I’m calmer, clearer, finally, I feel I’m approaching life from a confident, stable place."


“I recently contacted Jules for help with the negative feelings of a traumatic, frightening event I witnessed over 50 years ago. Jules was very supportive when I explained how the memory still played on my mind now, causing me to feel angry about the situation my young self had been placed in. Over two sessions of IEMT, Jules took me through some gentle eye exercises which took all the the negative emotion out of my memory. I still remember the incident, I’m aware it happened but it no longer disturbs me. It’s as if it happened to someone else. Amazingly, Jules also addressed my nervousness when driving somewhere when I’m unsure of the route – something that always makes me very tense. I can’t recommend Jules and IEMT enough. If you’re unsure, please call or message her, she will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.”


Anxiety Support

“I recently read that Jules was asking for case studies for her potential new treatment, IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) and enquired if it would be able to help with negative feelings I had had for many years following a traumatic break up over 20 years ago. Jules explained how the treatment might help and what to expect. You don’t need to disclose all the details of your memories to Jules. She asked a number of questions which generally only required a one word answer and then asked me to close my eyes and think about my issues. On opening my eyes, Jules then took me through some simple eye exercises. It was like a huge weight was lifting from my shoulders and I could feel myself smiling. Now when I think about the trauma that has overshadowed my life, I am no longer the character in the film, but just a person watching, like it happened to someone else, not me. If I hadn’t experienced the treatment for myself, I wouldn’t have believed how effective it could have been in just 2 sessions. I now feel bright, confident, happy and ready to take on the world rather than feeling negative and judged. I cannot recommend Jules and the IEMT treatment enough. Please call or message her for details.”


Do you feel paranoid

“A few years back an event happened which made me question alot of things in my life. At the time decisions were made and they were the right ones for me but I couldn’t let go of the incident and it got dregged up every single day, quite often ruining lovely activities. I had become paranoid and anxious when previously I was confident and didn’t let much phase me! Although I had moved on I simply could not forget. When I saw Jules was looking for people to trial the treatment I must admit I was sceptical but at that point willing to give anything a go! We arranged to do the sessions online. I thought this would be easier as a busy mum. It was nice to sit in the comfortable surroundings of my own home. Jules was so friendly and open and although there was no pressure to reveal the ins and outs of my “trauma” there was no judgement and I felt instantly comfortable. By being open and honest I really do feel this made me get the most out of the sessions. The sessions themselves consisted of thinking of some memories, not all to do with the traumatic one, and then doing some guided eye movements. Jules was encouraging throughout, after the session I was surprised that things were seeming less bothersome, surely it can’t be resolving after one session? The next session was similar but different techniques were used and different areas worked on. I came away from the second session feeling much more positive about things. I’m writing this now a few days after and I feel much more at peace with this memory. I now feel I am in control of it and I don’t find myself falling down into a spiral. I would recommend these sessions, I’m so glad I took part in them and it’s definitely something I would consider in the future to help manage stressful times.”


Power Walking

“Jules invited me to be a case study for her new treatment IEMT. 8 years ago I hit the wall in the middle of a powerwalk marathon – I thought I was going to die! Luckily, I had good friends with me who helped me complete it. But i never seemed to fully recover and I noticed that, as time passed, I found it more and more difficult to exercise, to walk miles along the seafront with my dog, in fact anything which required exertion was becoming almost impossible….it was as if my body was sabotaging me and ‘protecting’ itself from the potential danger of another experience of ‘hitting the wall’. Within a few days if the first session with Jules using IEMT I noticed my energy levels were getting better, more consistent. I could play with the grandchildren and not be absolutely exhausted. At the end of all the sessions, I have found I now have more consistent energy and am completing everyday tasks and simple exercises without the difficulty I previously had. The treatments have had a profound effect, thank you Jules.”


Fear of Flying

“Had the opportunity to receive IEMT for the fear of flying which started in the 2000s. I had two sessions working on my earliest memories of flying. As the sessions progressed my confidence definitely grew and felt calmer about flying. I haven’t been on a flight yet but I am actively looking at going on a flight and weeks later definitely feel calmer talking flying. Will report back in future Thank you Jules xx”


Ball and Chain

“I had wanted to train in IEMT myself but hadn’t not got around to it. To have the opportunity to be a case study and experience it for myself was amazing. Many years ago I had been through a traumatic separation and divorce and I felt that some of the coping stategies I had learnt to survive at the time were no longer serving me purpose and I felt like I was held back and kept referring back to the past. After the first session I felt less triggered in situations and the past, which would raise its ugly head now and again, was very faded. After the second session working on identites, well all I can say is WOW. I felt like the ball and chain that was holding me back was finally off. Such an amazing feeling and Jules could see it in my face as if a weight had been lifted off. I can see IEMT helping so many people and I look forward to learning it myself in the near future. Well done Jules, I hope it is really successful for you. x”