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Bowen Therapy for those suffering from knee and shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain Relief Male

At the age of 39 M had been told by his Doctor that his frozen shoulder was down to old age! The initial consultation showed M was suffering from restriction in the range of movement of his left shoulder, unable to raise his arm above shoulder height. After three weekly treatments, full range of pain free movement had been restored and M could happily raise his arm up to his ear.

"After years of pain and discomfort with my shoulder, with many unsuccessful visits to my GP, chiropractors and deep tissues massages, all to no avail, I sceptically tried Bowen and after only the first sessions pain dramatically reduced, leading to more movement and after the course of three treatments Bowen has fixed me!! Three session of Bowen has done what eight years of seeing these different people has failed to do. No pain and full range of movement has returned. I am extremely impressed and highly recommend Jules to anyone"

M Service - Frozen Shoulder

Torn Knee Cartilage

"After re-tearing the cartilage in my left knee back in September 2013 and finally getting the results from my MRI scan and all clear late November 2013, I looked for rehabilitation other than physiotherapy. Having an active lifestyle, loving running and being on my feet all day at work made this injury particulary difficult for me to deal with.

A work colleague suggested Bowen Therapy and saud that she had been treated by Jules for some time and it worked miracles, which it really did! After one session with a big swollen knee I saw a dramatic decrease in the swelling and my knee felt looser and more comfortable. Jules worked on my hips, feet, knee and headaches over 4-5 sessions and with each visit I was improving, having less and less swelling and more movement in my knee. The annoying clicking and grinding I had every time I changed gear in my car was slowly disappearing.

I felt more confident as my knee felt heathier and more ‘normal’. 6 months after my injury I am back to work on full duties, walking about all day with no issues and exercising 5-6 times a week with no swelling or discomfort. The work Jules did has without a doubt made my recovery quicker, her professionalism and caring nature made the whole experience a lot less stressful for me and seeing the improvements from session to session was simply amazing! I can’t praise Jules and her work enough. If you’re feeling sceptical about Bowen you have nothing to fear…… really does work!"

M Clarke - Torn Knee Cartilage

“After having a bad shoulder for 7 years which was the result of a very bad car crash I had lots and lots of physio, which helped the pain for short term periods. I had 3 Bowen treatments and my shoulder pain has gone and my range of movement is now 100% normal. I cannot recommend Norfolk Bowen Therapy highly enough."

P Howden - Shoulder Pain