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Feedback for MSTR® (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique)

NF nerve damage in leg

“In August 2016 I had an accident where my leg went through a glass panel door causing extensive nerve damage and cutting through approx. 40% of my calf muscle. As a runner that is disastrous. I had been struggling getting back running longer distances, so I made an appointment to see Jules.

Not only has she straightened out my ‘wonky’ hips, but she has released the scar tissue that was holding my muscles tight around the injury site. She has worked so hard on my scar. Initially it looked lumpy, but now it is flatter. Working on the scar tissue has meant the area is no longer tight, restricting my flexibility and pulling. It appears that some nerves have also repaired. So much so, I am now training for my first Ultra Trail Marathon!”

NF – Nerve Damage in Leg

Back Pain Relief

“I have been having Bowen therapy now for some time for my back ailments. About 6 months ago Jules suggested that she should work on a scar that I have on my stomach. I agreed and amazingly enough it helped my back problems.

I found the treatment on my scar different to what I was having on my back, Jules seemed to work her way all the way across my scar and I felt a change that I can’t really put into words.”

LB – Back Issues

Shoulder Pain Relief

“I started attending Bowen Therapy to get an acute shoulder problem sorted. During the course of the treatment, I started having issues with my right heel as well which was hindering my mobility. Jules Wilson, my therapist at Norfolk Bowen Therapy, noticed the scar tissue on my Achilles where I had ruptured it playing football in 1992.

The scar tissue was raised and extremely tight. She began treatment over a number of months and now the scar tissue on my Achilles is greatly reduced and no longer tight. The issues with my heel have largely disappeared. My only regret is not having this treatment years ago when I first had the injury.

I want to pay tribute, not only to Jules obvious skill, but also her persistence and determination to solve the problem. My shoulder is also so much better by the way! I cannot recommend Jules and Norfolk Bowen Therapy highly enough.”

Mike – Shoulder Problems

Post Mastectomy MSTR

“I had a double mastectomy in July 2020. Eight weeks after surgery I asked Jules if she could help me in any way. Jules said that she could do some scar work. Before going to see Jules I looked like I had been attacked by a shark the image in the mirror did nothing for my emotional well-being. On my first appointment after fifteen minutes of Jules working on one scar there was a dramatic visible difference.

The area looked pink & healthy & that was just the start. By the time I went for my second session the following week the swelling had reduced so much that I had an armpit! In total I had five treatments. The swelling had reduced significantly on both sides & both scars looked healthy & had become less prominent. This positive work also impacted on my emotional well-being. I am able to look at myself in the mirror & accept who I am. Jules had worked a miracle & I will never be able to thank her for all she has done for me.”

A Waldron – Post-Mastectomy Scar Work

MSTR Dupuytrens

“Early in 2020 I realised that I had a nodule on the palm of my right hand and thought it was the start of Dupuytren’s contracture. I sought medical advice but the GP was quite dismissive. Then in March I fell and fractured my wrist. As my wrist started to heal I became concerned about the lack of movement in my wrist and noticed that my ring finger and little finger on my right hand had become curled and I could not straighten them, Dupuytrens.

The nodules on my palm seemed to have become more prominent too. I am the main carer for my husband and cannot be left without full movement in my hand and wrist. I felt I needed to be proactive and seek some treatment. I was recommended to seek Jules’ advice from a friend who uses her. I emailed Jules and explained my predicament. I started to visit Jules in September. Initially twice a month but within two months was visiting her monthly. I have regained full movement in both fingers.

I was still experiencing some issues with my wrist where I could not put my hand flat on the floor when exercising. Jules recommend the use of wedges to assist the brains proreceptors to think that my hand was fully flexed. I can now put my hand flat on the floor. I have recovered the full range of movement in my wrist as well. Without Jules’s knowledge and expertise I would be in a position where I’d have limited use of my right hand and wrist. The medical solution for Dupuytrens is to fracture and pin the fingers once the contractures are advanced. This is a route that I do not intend to follow. I cannot recommend Jules highly enough for her professional approach to treatment and keeping her clients safe during Covid.”

P Agapiou – Fractured Wrist & Dupuytrens