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Bowen Therapy for those suffering from sciatica and back pain

Sciatica Pain Relief

P, a bricklayer, contacted me after he had been suffering with sciatica type symptoms for the previous 3 to 4 months. He was experiencing pain in his lower back and pain and a burning sensation in his gluteal muscles (bottom) that radiated down both legs to his feet, and increased during the course of the day (not helped by the physical nature of his job). He was also experiencing occasional pins and needles in his legs and feet. The pain and symptoms had been getting worse over the weeks, and with a holiday booked to start in a few weeks time, P contacted me to see if Bowen therapy could help him. When P returned for his second treatment, a week after his first, he had nearly forgotten about the sciatica.

He had only had a few twinges that had just started that day. When he had the pain it was also only located in his gluteal muscles and no longer radiated down his legs. After his second treatment, P said he had no pain at all and only a sense of tightness down the back of both legs. After his third treatment P went on holiday and on his return reported that he had enjoyed a pain free holiday and had returned back to his physical job of bricklaying and was still enjoying being pain free.

“I first heard about Bowen Therapy from my son, who had googled the best treatment for sciatica. I then searched for a therapist in my area and discovered Jules and The Norfolk Bowen Therapy Clinic. I was very surprised how gentle and relaxing the treatment was. Two days after my first treatment I was almost pain free apart from a few twinges. With each session I have improved and have had a sense of well-being after each visit. I have been so impressed with the results that I have now recommended 3 members of my family to Jules.”

P Adams, Bricklayer – Sciatica

Back Pain Relief

B had suffered with back pain caused by the physical nature of his job for 41 years and when he came to see me, despite being on pain killers and heat patches, was off work due to his back pain. The day after the first treatment B woke pain free and returned straight back to work. As well as the improvement to his back B also reported feeling calmer in himself.

After his second treatment B was able to put his own socks on, something he had not managed to do for a long time. He remained pain free and said “I have my life back, I feel so sharp!” B had three Bowen sessions in total and two months on is still pain free and back enjoying life!

“Bowen therapy has made my life so much better after years of back problems due to my work, also my sleeping has been so much better which means I feel full of life again plus no more heat pads and tablets every four hours. Thank you Bowen therapy and thank you Jules!”

B Rix – Back Pain

Severe Back Pain relief

“In late 2013 I suddenly suffered severe, debilitating back pain and numbness and pain down my right leg and presented to my GP who prescribed strong painkillers, rest and physiotherapy. In early 2014 I had a MRI scan and found I have had spondylolisthesis of the spine, possibly for the last 30 years. This is where a vertebra has slipped back, nipping the nerve which causes the pain and numbing.

By the summer of 2014 I was in constant pain and taking strong painkillers every day which made me feel sick and dizzy. The pain kept me awake at night and affected all of my previously enjoyed activities and my work. My Consultant said there was an operation however, sometimes people were worse off afterwards and it should be a last resort. I had been promoted to a long watched for new job which involved travel and I could see a future where it would no longer be possible for me to continue. I continued having physio which helped for a while but culminated in a session which made my symptoms much worse. One day I was speaking to our Builder and friend who we have known for over 30 years. He was helping to lay a floor for us and I was astounded as I knew he had always suffered with his back – he told me about Bowen and Jules and how she helped him.

I rang Jules and she explained that unlike physio Bowen was not harsh pressure and therefore would not do any harm to me. I decided to give it a go with, to be completely honest, a somewhat open minded but quietly sceptical attitude. I was reassured that there could be no harm and went to see Jules. Jules was very warm and welcoming and explained in layman’s terms about Bowen. On that day she recorded my pain level as 9 out of 10. I told her I didn’t want to achieve miracles but my goal was to continue in my job, go for long walks with my husband and do the normal everyday things. I commenced the first 4 treatments and had an immediate relief in my symptoms. I am now only going to Jules every four weeks or so and I can do all the things on my wish list, do not take any strong painkillers and only occasionally take paracetamol when I have pushed myself (such as on a long day out with constant walking). I do not wake with a numb foot and leg and sleep through the night. I can go for long walks with my husband without having to worry I won’t be able to get back! My day to day life is back to normal and the last time I saw Jules my pain score out of 10 was 0. I can only thank Jules and Bowen for this wonderful turnaround to my life.”

Alison – Severe Back Pain

Need Back Pain Relief

“I would just like to say a big thank-you for the treatment I have received. I came to yourself four sessions ago with a severe back pain that I have had for a number of years from being in the building trade. I came to the Bowen Technique with an open mind in hope that you could help me.

In the past I have had a variety of treatments that have had little or short lived effects, however after visiting yourself four times things have changed. When I started my course of treatment I did not believe that it could have such a positive impact on my body, if my pain could be halved I would have been more than happy!

After completing my short course of treatment I am now pain free, which I can still not believe. I would like to say a massive thank-you to you Jules and this technique!”

P Baker, Builder – Back Pain