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Feedback for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Therapy)

Face Pain Relief

“After suffering with TMJ pain and discomfort for 8 years and pursuing several avenues to resolve the issue, I finally accepted that the pain was part of me and I would just have to learn to live it. I began seeing Jules for Bowen therapy following a recommendation from a friend with massive success. After only 3 sessions I felt more like myself than I had for many years. When Covid ceased physical clinic sessions Jules suggested trying personalised therapy online, a combination of Bowen and TMJ techniques.

Two sessions later I was amazed after a day of feeling that something wasn’t right to realise that the pain had gone from one side of my face! Following on from this success I signed up for group online SMFR therapy sessions with Jules and the improvements I have experienced have been nothing short of astonishing. Pain is no longer a constant in my life but an intermittent visitor with longer respite periods the more I practice the techniques I have learnt. The combination of Bowen therapy, TMJ techniques and SMFR therapy has given me the tools to manage, reduce and finally relieve the pain myself. It has put me back in control. I cannot recommend Jules and Norfolk Bowen Therapy enough. It has 100% improved my quality of life.”


“I came to see Jules regarding a TMJ issue, after being diagnosed by my dentist but with little resolution. I had excruciating pain at the side of my jaw and was unable to eat any solid food at all. My initial consultation for the TMJ issue was via video link, and Jules introduced me to some key jaw exercises that helped immensely as well as some self-help methods.

Within 2 sessions I was back on solid food (soft) and then more solid, solid food! When I could see her face to face, she was able to do some hands-on work which was amazing, and has alleviated the problem completely. Magic!”

L Bailey