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Read these Bowen Therapy testimonials and learn what Bowen has done for clients of Norfolk Bowen Therapy, what they say about their sessions and the lasting effects they enjoy.

Bowen, and Jules’ approach to it, was a revelation. I had no idea what to expect from the treatments so have been hugely impressed by the Bowen approach, tackling root causes and looking to make sustainable improvements in all of my key issues – osteo arthritis, coeliac disease and those daily niggles and stiffness caused by having a desk based job! 

Jules takes great care to explore what is important for you, listening to your needs and adapting her treatments to suit. She is hugely professional and driven to do the best she can to help, doing it all with a great sense of humour making sure you feel relaxed in her care. I cannot recommend Bowen and Jules highly enough. J Best


“In late 2013 I suddenly suffered severe, debilitating back pain and numbness and pain down my right leg and presented to my GP who prescribed strong painkillers, rest and physiotherapy. In early 2014 I had a MRI scan and found I have had spondylolisthesis of the spine, possibly for the last 30 years. This is where a vertebra has slipped back, nipping the nerve which causes the pain and numbing.

By the summer of 2014 I was in constant pain and taking strong painkillers every day which made me feel sick and dizzy. The pain kept me awake at night and affected all of my previously enjoyed activities and my work. My Consultant said there was an operation however, sometimes people were worse off afterwards and it should be a last resort.

I had been promoted to a long watched for new job which involved travel and I could see a future where it would no longer be possible for me to continue.

I continued having physio which helped for a while but culminated in a session which made my symptoms much worse.

One day I was speaking to our Builder and friend who we have known for over 30 years. He was helping to lay a floor for us and I was astounded as I knew he had always suffered with his back – he told me about Bowen and Jules and how she helped him.

I rang Jules and she explained that unlike physio Bowen was not harsh pressure and therefore would not do any harm to me. I decided to give it a go with, to be completely honest, a somewhat open minded but quietly sceptical attitude. I was reassured that there could be no harm and went to see Jules.

Jules was very warm and welcoming and explained in layman’s terms about Bowen. On that day she recorded my pain level as 9 out of 10. I told her I didn’t want to achieve miracles but my goal was to continue in my job, go for long walks with my husband and do the normal everyday things.

I commenced the first 4 treatments and had an immediate relief in my symptoms. I am now only going to Jules every four weeks or so and I can do all the things on my wish list, do not take any strong painkillers and only occasionally take paracetamol when I have pushed myself (such as on a long day out with constant walking). I do not wake with a numb foot and leg and sleep through the night. I can go for long walks with my husband without having to worry I won’t be able to get back! My day to day life is back to normal and the last time I saw Jules my pain score out of 10 was 0.

I can only thank Jules and Bowen for this wonderful turnaround to my life.”Alison from Norfolk


“Quick email to say how fantastic bowen therapy has been for me. It has stopped my migraines and fixed my shoulder both of which were causing me to have time off work.

It is amazing how it works… but it definitely does!! I would and already have recommended your services.

Couldn’t have met a more friendly person and the service you supply in Bowen therapy is second to none.

My kind thanks again.” Kevin Grix


“I would just like to say a big thank-you for the treatment I have received. I came to yourself four sessions ago with a severe back pain that I have had for a number of years from being in the building trade. I came to the Bowen Technique with an open mind in hope that you could help me. In the past I have had a variety of treatments that have had little or short lived effects, however after visiting yourself four times things have changed. When I started my course of treatment I did not believe that it could have such a positive impact on my body, if my pain could be halved I would have been more than happy! After completing my short course of treatment I am now pain free, which I can still not believe. I would like to say a massive thank-you to you Jules and this technique!” P Baker


“I had 4 sessions of Bowen therapy following a long period of ill health due to acute pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic kidney infections and reactive arthritis. After the first session Jules asked me how I felt and my answer was ‘ridiculously good’!

My joints used to be hot to touch, red and swollen due to the arthritis and since Bowen these symptoms have gone and I have no more pain in them at all! It’s also helped control my pelvic pain, increased my energy levels and I haven’t had a kidney infection since my second session which was about a month ago!

As an occupational therapy student I wanted to understand what Jules was doing and why it was working-she explained it all to me brilliantly and I cannot recommend her enough. It’s life changing.” Rosie


Arthritis in the left knee was diagnosed and confirmed by X Ray several years ago. I had physio sessions at the Surgery in two blocks and then was told to just continue with the exercises, which I do, along with Pilates.
However having been active for most of my life I did not like the restrictions the arthritis imposed. When it reached the stage I could no longer deny I was limping and also found I was going down the stairs one step at a time, I looked for further help.  My daughter had heard positive feedback of treatment given by a Bowen Therapist. We knew little about it but I was keen to try and so I went to Jules.

Jules inspires confidence and trust; it is clear she is professional and well informed and she also pushes the boundaries to increase her skill and knowledge. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly approach and sense of humour are there too along with thoroughness which means she checks more than just the knee.

Initially I had weekly treatment and am now on what I describe as my maintenance programme once every five weeks. I can run up and downstairs and participate in activities (“football”, obstacle courses, French tennis….) which my young gymnast granddaughter loves doing and so do I. Not being a spectator is important to me: Jules and Bowen Therapy have helped take the ‘I can’t do that now’ from my life.

I do not know how it works “like magic ” I have said on occasions but it certainly has for me.” L Murphy


“After re-tearing the cartilage in my left knee back in September 2013 and finally getting the results from my MRI scan and all clear late November 2013, I looked for rehabilitation other than physiotherapy. Having an active lifestyle, loving running and being on my feet all day at work made this injury particulary difficult for me to deal with.

A work colleague suggested Bowen Therapy and saud that she had been treated by Jules for some time and it worked miracles, which it really did! After one session with a big swollen knee I saw a dramatic decrease in the swelling and my knee felt looser and more comfortable. Jules worked on my hips, feet, knee and headaches over 4-5 sessions and with each visit I was improving, having less and less swelling and more movement in my knee. The annoying clicking and grinding I had every time I changed gear in my car was slowly disappearing. I felt more confident as my knee felt heathier and more ‘normal’. 6 months after my injury I am back to work on full duties, walking about all day with no issues and exercising 5-6 times a week with no swelling or discomfort.

The work Jules did has without a doubt made my recovery quicker, her professionalism and caring nature made the whole experience a lot less stressful for me and seeing the improvements from session to session was simply amazing! I can’t praise Jules and her work enough. If you’re feeling sceptical about Bowen you have nothing to fear…… really does work!” M Clarke


 “My nearly 3 year old daughter suffered from severe car sickness making every journey tense for us all. After two visits to see Jules, this is a thing of the past! Jules was great with her and she enjoyed her treatments. We are over the moon with the result and wish we had discovered Bowen sooner.” Mother


When I first booked a Bowen Therapy appointment with Jules I was a little sceptical but can confidently say that I am so glad to have been introduced to it.   I have had arthritis in my knees, hips and back for a number of years. I have tried conventional treatments eg. Medication, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy but have still been in lots of discomfort, particularly at night when my sleep was continuously disturbed. Even driving the car was uncomfortable and my husband and I had stopped having the long walks we used to enjoy.

Jules is very professional and calming in her approach and the treatment is very gentle, non intrusive and relaxing.
I had a course of 3 treatments fairly close together then one further treatment after a break of a few weeks. There was a massive improvement in my symptoms.   I am now sleeping much better and have commenced long walks again.   I am totally converted to Bowen therapy and would highly recommend Jules as a Bowen therapist.” A Upton


If you haven’t tried the Bowen Therapy you really should. I am 65 and have had back problems since my twenties, Arthritis since my early forties and I have had all sorts of treatment over the years but I can honestly say that this therapy is excellent and what ever your problem is I strongly recommend you try this treatmentA Slaytor


After having a bad shoulder for 7 years which was the result of a very bad car crash I had lots and lots of physio, which helped the pain for short term periods. I had 3 bowen treatments and my shoulder pain has gone and my range of movement is now 100% normal. I cannot recommend Norfolk Bowen Therapy highly enough. P Howden


After years of pain and discomfort with my shoulder, with many unsuccessful visits to my GP, chiropractors and deep tissues massages, all to no avail, I sceptically tried Bowen and after only the first session pain dramatically reduced, leading to more movement and after the course of three treatments Bowen has fixed me!! Three sessions of Bowen has done what eight years of seeing these different people has failed to do. No pain and full range of movement has returned.  I am extremely impressed and highly recommend Jules to anyoneM Service


I am a full-time wheelchair user and spend a lot of my time in my chair, this causes my muscles to ache from being constantly in one position.  I have leg spasms so this also makes my muscles ache and makes it difficult to self-transfer myself out of my wheelchair.  Since my very first Bowen session the aches in my back improved a great deal and most of all it reduced my leg spasms. The elimination of my leg spasms has made life so much easier, it has made me feel better in myself as the spasms were so draining.  I can move easier in general but especially getting out of bed in the morning and in and out of my wheelchair.  Bowen has also made my daily exercises much easier and less painful to do.  I highly recommend Norfolk Bowen Therapy!”  S Stuart


Highly recommended!  Works wonders, I would not be back running with no pain without it!” A. Bailey


I have had rheumatoid arthritis since 2005, during that time I have tried various massage therapists, chiropractors and another Bowen therapist, each has given me short term relief.  I was first treated by Jules as one of her early case studies in November 2012. One of the areas she treated was my left foot. The rheumatoid first started here and I haven’t been able to walk properly on the ball of that foot since 2005. After one treatment I was able to stand on the ball of my foot without pain, and this is still the case 7 months later. Because of Jules I can now walk properly and not on the edge of my feet.  I’ve been on maximum dosage of anti-inflammatories since 2005 and every time I’ve tried to reduce the dosage I’ve ended up in agony. But for the last 3 months I haven’t had to take any.

Jules treated me after I’d twisted my back by over-doing it; painkillers weren’t taking the pain away. I hobbled in to see her and walked out normally.  Will always recommend her to anyone R Hume


The positive results I experienced physically and mentally during my Bowen therapy surpassed my initial expectations.  I’m a very sporty individual (semi-professional footballer) with a busy work schedule so to find a therapy that significantly reduced stress levels and improved my physical wellbeing and performance was a first.  I would typically use a sports masseuse but Bowen offers you so much more.  I would certainly recommend a course of therapy, the positive results will be evident. B Thompson



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