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Self Myofascial Release Therapy (SMFR)

What is SMFR Therapy?

SMFR Therapy or Self Myofascial Release Therapy is a unique, effective, and easy to use self-care therapy that uses a range of techniques to get your body moving and promote your own health and wellbeing. Combining the techniques with the use of therapy tools, this holistic myofascial approach identifies areas of tension and holding patterns within the body with the aim of releasing and resolving the imbalance that so often are responsible for our daily aches and pains.

How can you benefit from SMFR Therapy?

SMFR Therapy is an effective self-care treatment to augment and improve any other treatment intervention and works perfectly alongside your hands-on Bowen Therapy sessions. Aimed to help increase your own body awareness, the way it moves, and feels and increased proprioception may help to reduce established pain patterns.

SMFR Therapy can help to:

For me personally following my initial training, as well as the above, I also benefited from:

What equipment do I need?

Taught mainly on the floor a yoga/pilates mat or the carpet makes lying down more comfortable. Several of the techniques can be adapted to be performed sitting in a chair or even against a wall. It is also recommended to have a couple of pillows or cushions for your comfort and support.

SMF Therapy makes use of three therapy tools:

Both the SMFR Therapy ball (£6) and the SMFR Therapy peanut (£6) are available for purchase directly from the clinic and can be posted at cost (£6).

What happens in an SMFR Therapy class?

Each class is planned so that it includes a range of techniques aimed at improving your sense of interoception (your own inner awareness).

Each technique can offer a range of stages and modifications that allows everyone to work at their own pace and at a level that is right from them.

Classes can include:

How long will it take to feel a difference?

Everyone’s experience of pain, discomfort and awareness of their own body is different and a unique experience. Some clients may not always feel changes after the first session, and some may experience a huge difference. SMFR Therapy can have an accumulative effect on the body so it may take three or four sessions.

How much does an SMFR Therapy session cost?

Private, bespoke 121 sessions are available, and these are tailored to suit you and addressing your own personal goals and what you are looking to achieve for your own body. Due to Covid restrictions these are currently conducted over Zoom and cost £45 per session and include a home care plan.

Weekly group lessons are also available at £10 per session (advance booking is required). For details of the weekly lessons currently available please contact me.

Cancellation policy: Please give at least 24 hours’ notice otherwise I reserve the right to charge in full. 

If you are interested in finding out more about what SMFR Therapy has to offer you and how it could help you, please contact me.

How do I book?

To book please call 07709 452412, drop me an email at or complete the contact form.

I will then contact you and establish if SMFR Therapy may be a suitable technique for you to consider. If after reading the disclaimer below and my booking terms and conditions you would like to book, we will arrange both appointments and these will be confirmed on receipt of your payment.


Participants are solely responsible for their own practice of SMFR Therapy on your own and when I am also unable to see what you are doing in a class setting. Please immediately stop doing this treatment and ask for assistance if you feel discomfort and/or pain.

SMFR Therapy is not a substitute for medical intervention or injury rehabilitation.

Please note I am unable to teach clients living in the USA or Canada.